Dirk Meyer,  President and Chief Executive Officer, Advanced Micro Devices
"Ted is a tenacious and results driven executive who leads by example. During our multi-year engagement with IBM, he developed comprehensive strategy and a deep personal relationship with IBM’s leadership team which resulted in AMD securing a strategic foothold in the mainstream server space.  I would strongly recommend Ted to anyone looking for a versatile and highly effective sales leader."

Dwight Tausz, VP of Sales, Advanced Micro Devices – Managed Ted at AMD
“Ted is a high energy, self motivated, proven leader in areas of sales, marketing, business development, and technical management. He leverages a unique blend of executive management experiences, both domestic and abroad, to navigate the many facets of today's changing business environment. Ted has great team leadership abilities, interpersonal and communication skills, coupled with a credible, persuasive style, clear judgement, and the ability to solve complex problems in a charismatic and decisive manner."

Don Barnetson, CTO and VP Product Planning at Lunera Lighting“Ted is smart, strategic and energetic in looking for opportunities to expand relationships well beyond the traditional buy/sell of our industry. I had the pleasure of working with Ted on a very difficult program where both parties were unhappy with the status quo. Through Ted's tireless work up and down our organization and his own, a level of trust and a spirit of cooperation were built, replacing finger pointing and pettiness with partnership and solutions”.

Bob Lenard, Worldwide Sales Executive, IBM
“Ted Donnelly is a tireless sales professional who when working with me on building the AMD business at IBM, provided a solutions oriented approach to solving the complex sales engagement between our companies. Ted searched for the common ground from which both AMD and IBM would benefit, build a business, and win in the market jointly. That demonstrated mastery of complex sales engagement. Ted also was very adept at building relationships with key individuals that enabled him to understand how our organizations would be able to work together and move ahead as a team. I would highly recommend Ted for a role in complex selling for large projects and/or significant revenue opportunities.”

Tom Follette, Field Sales Engineer, AMD - reported to Ted at AMD
“I had the wonderful opportunity to work for Ted as part of the IBM Strategic Account team here at AMD for roughly 2 years. I was able to leverage Ted's direct insights into the company, gained through over a decade of experience in a variety of roles. Ted has a unique ability to work effectively not only cross-functionally, but also vertically from both the execution layer to the most senior executive level. He also has among the strongest verbal communication skills I have encountered in my 17 years in the industry and is able to articulate almost any type of material - from business to technical - to any type of audience. I think Ted would be a tremendous asset in a Senior Management role that leverages his experience, business acumen and interpersonal skills, and I am proud to offer my highest recommendation of his ability to be an asset in any organization.”  

Jimmy Lawson, Customer Support Manager, AMD - worked with Ted at AMD
“I have had the privilege of working with Ted Donnelly for many years at AMD. Ted was one of our top Sales managers for one of our most critical and demanding customers. Ted manages critical tasks with ease and has the ability to think multiple steps ahead in any given process or task. Ted is a dynamic individual and is constantly moving forward. He has the uncanny ability to rally people to achieve greater levels of success and is always focused on providing win-win opportunities for the company as well as for customers.  I can safely say that Ted’s achievements and talent have left a lasting impression on many within AMD and with our most important customers.”  

Bhavna Sarathy, Member of Technical Staff, AMD – worked on Ted’s team
“Ted is a very energetic and highly motivated individual with excellent communication skills. I had the pleasure of working on Ted’s extended Linux team where he managed our strategic partnership with Red Hat. I was always amazed by his enthusiasm and leadership as he engaged with Red Hat to find new and innovative ways to collaborate. Also, Ted treats his technical contributors with the utmost of respect and he always found ways to keep his staff motivated. Ted will be an asset to any organization looking for strategic leadership and immediate results.”  

Dan Galloway, Seminar Facilitator & Career Coach, Right Management
“Ted is a gifted professional, filled with a passion for life. Ted’s unique blend of sales/marketing experience, complimented by a strong technical acumen makes him a rare find. I have found Ted to be one of the effective communicators I’ve known! Frankly, that’s putting it mildly. As a bonus to his passion, diverse skill set, and articulation, Ted has an approach to life that is tenacious. He faces challenges head-on while refusing to waver in his commitment to being the best he can be and mentoring others to successful.”  

Terry Bryant, Senior Pastor, Asbury United Methodist Church, NC
"It has been my joy to work alongside of Ted over the past 4 years. He is a gifted leader whose presence on a team inspires everyone to strive for excellence while building a spirit of collegiality. Ted’s commitment to his family and his own personal growth is exemplary. I have witnessed him time after time selflessly offer his time and considerable talent to help other people or to add value to a team. He is one of the few people I have ever known who doesn’t seem to have the word “impossible” in his vocabulary. His energy, leadership, and intelligence would be a tremendous asset to any organization that wants to successfully navigate the uncertain waters of the twenty-first century"  

Zusan Yang, Field Sales, AMD - reported to Ted at AMD

“I have had the enriching experience to work for Ted at Advanced Micro Devices.  He was able to drive strategic partnerships between AMD and one of AMD's most important customers. He brought people together amongst different functions and across all levels and to come to an agreement. This was often during times when there was a lot of dissension, high pressure, and a politically charged environment. His written and verbal communication skills are the very best that I have seen. Ted is a very positive leader and always motivated his team and those around him. He always had a strong vision and strategy for our account team, and he was able to deliver results.”  

Paul Smith, Business Operations Executive, Advanced Micro Devices

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Ted for over a decade at AMD. He was instrumental at developing our relationships and business at IBM as well as leading our contract negotiations and customer satisfaction initiatives. Ted is an exceptional leader who would be an asset to any company seeking top talent”.

Ted DonnellY



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